Laser Tag Parties

How a Typical Laser Tag Birthday Party Looks

We will show up at your location about 30 – 45 minutes before your party is to start. If you are doing the DI Y package, we will go over all the instructions for game play and leave all the taggers with you. If you use our Game Director, we will scope out your area and place 1 color flag on one end of your property and a different color flag on the other end. The children will be instructed on how to use the taggers and other rules. They will then separate to each end of the fields according to their team . The director will blow the whistle to signify the start of the game. Players work together as a team to try to capture the other teams flag. As team members get hit and are knocked out of the game, they will exit game play and go to the “GraveYard” and wait unit the next game starts, which usually isn’t to long. The Graveyard should be a designated area set up in advance, usually the garage, patio, or deck, if you are having the party at your home. The party host could have refreshments and snacks in the graveyard for players while they are waiting for a new game to start. You can usually get about 6 games in a 2 hour session, but that is just a rough estimate as there is a lot of factors that could make a difference in how long a game takes to finnish. Once a game is over, we decide on the next game. If a different game is to be played , the players will be instructed on how to play and we start a new game. There are many other games that can be played as well ( see below) or use you imagination to invent a new game. At the end of the session, the players will turn in their guns, have refreshements and talk about what a great time they had.

Games We Play

Team Elimination

This is the most popular game. Divide into two teams. Everyone will begin with the same amount of lives. The objective is to eliminate everyone on the opposite team. The team that has the last players standing wins.

Capture The Flag

Plays just like the traditional game where your team must capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your base. The trick is you have to do it without getting tagged out. The winning team is the one that captures the other team’s flag or eliminates all of the other team.
This game can be altered to fit any scenario you can think of.

Adults vs. Kids

This is a great bonding game for parents and kids. The parents go up against the kids, and the kids usually win. Great Family Fun

kansas city laser tag birthday party

Last Man Standing

Every person for themselves . Last person standing wins.

Tag the Leader

E-Entertainment Lab

One person on each team is appointed to be the Leader. The objective is to tag the leader of the opposing team. You can create a group to be the bodyguard of the leader and another group to act as the assault team to try to tag out the leader of the opposing team. The leaders also fight in this game as well. Whoever tags out the leader of the opposing teams wins.

kansas city laser tag birthday party


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